Color Scheme

Various color schemes such as tone-on-tone that combines colors of similar hues and triad that divides the hue circle into three equal parts are placed. By clicking on each color scheme, you can see the patterns in that color scheme and change the combination.

A tone-on-tone color scheme with the same or similar hues and a large difference in brightness.

It is a tone-in-tone color scheme that matches the tone and gives a change in hue.

A Camaieu color scheme that combines colors that are close to the same in both hue and tone.

Faux Camaieu color scheme with a slightly different hue than Camaieu.

It is a dominant color scheme unified with the same hue.

It is a triad color scheme that selects the colors of the three hues that are located at the positions that divide the color wheel into three equal parts.

It is a split complementary color scheme that takes two complementary colors that are the opposite of the color wheel and divides one color into the colors on both sides of that color.

It is a tetrad color scheme that selects the colors of the four hues of the square located at the position that divides the color wheel into four equal parts.

A contrast color scheme that combines the opposite colors of hue, lightness, and saturation.