Image Color Analyzer

You can easily obtain and check the color information of images such as photographs on the WEB. You can also extract your favorite color from the image.

Color Analyzer

Drag the image here

How to use color analyzer

Bring the image you want to check by dragging the image into the frame below, or click "Select File" below and select the image file in your computer to read it and get the color information. I can do it.

When you load an image, the loaded image is displayed, and below that, the colors used in the image are displayed proportionally in width according to the ratio of the colors used from the left. By clicking on this bar, the color will be displayed above and the RGB values, hexadecimal values, and HSV values ​​will be displayed.

Also, by clicking or dragging the loaded image, the RGB and HSV color information at the mouse pointer position will be displayed above in the same way.

If you want to see the specified color in detail, you can jump to the detailed information page of the color by clicking the "OK" button next to the color information.