Color Reduction

Images such as photos can be easily reduced in color on a web browser and downloaded as JPG or PNG.
By changing the number of colors after color reduction, you can change the image to the number of colors you want to use.

Color reduction settings

Number of colors after color reduction:   Image Type:

Color reduction image file

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List of colors used

How to use the color reduction tool

Bring the image you want to reduce the color by dragging the image into the frame, or click "Select File" to select the image file in your computer and load it, then perform the color reduction processing of the image and display it. To do.

If you want to change the number of colors, change the "Number of colors after color reduction" and click the "Change" button to reduce the color to the specified number of colors and display it. The number of colors can be any number between 2 and 256.

The displayed image will be the one selected in "Image type", so you can change it to a JPG or PNG image by changing this.

In addition, the colors used in the reduced color image are displayed in the "Color list".
In "Side by Side", the color sample and hexadecimal color code are displayed, and in "List Display", you can also see the RGB and HSV values ​​of decimal.