Image Comparison

Images such as photographs can be easily overlaid and compared on the WEB, and different parts can be extracted and displayed.


Image 1
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Image 2
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Percentage of images
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How to use image comparison

Load Image

Drag the image you want to compare into the frame of "Image 1" or "Image 2" and bring it, or click "Select File" and select the image file in your computer etc. Read.
When you load two images, the selected image will be superimposed and displayed in the lower frame.

If you want to load another file, you can reload it by dragging it over the loaded image again or by reselecting the file.

Comparison settings

You can analyze by setting the display ratio of the image and highlighting different parts.

Percentage of images"Image Ratio" can change the display ratio of two images.
You can change the display ratio of "Image 1" and "Image 2" by directly inputting the ratio or moving it with the bar by range input.
ThresholdYou can change the value that allows for color differences.
Decreasing the value will detect even the slightest difference, and increasing the value will treat similar colors as the same.
HighlightOverlay the selected color on different parts of the two images for easy understanding.
FillIf you select "Different Part", the different parts of the two images will be filled in, and if you select "Same Part", the same part of the two images will be filled with black, and the difference between the images will be displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.