About color-site.com

You can see a list of color names, color codes, color samples, etc. used in HTML and CSS.
One page for each color code displays detailed RGB and HSV values, hue, saturation, color list by brightness, and sample color codes such as tone-on-tone and contrast, which can be used for various purposes.
You can also easily analyze the colors of locally stored images and display them in RGB on the web, or convert the RGB colors and HSV hexadecimal numbers and display them.

Color Picker

Convenient Tool

You can check color information such as photos on the WEB and convert RGB and HSV color codes.

Search by Color

You can see a list of color samples and color names that are similar to the color family.

Color Scheme

You can see the color schemes of various colors and check the combination of the color schemes from the specified color.

Random Color

Color Sample Color Code Color component
Hexadecimal (red, green, blue)
Color component
Decimal (red, green, blue)
Color name
#896A45 89 6A 45 137 106 69 朽葉色Kuchibairo (くちばいろ)
#FBB034 FB B0 34 251 176 52 橙黄色Tououshoku/Tokoushoku (とうおうしょく/とうこうしょく)
#50C878 50 C8 78 80 200 120 Paris Green
#A52A2A A5 2A 2A 165 42 42 Auburn
#513743 51 37 43 81 55 67 似紫Nisemurasaki (にせむらさき)
#A67B5B A6 7B 5B 166 123 91 French Beige
#ECCFCF EC CF CF 236 207 207 Lotion Pink