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藍海松茶(あいみるちゃ Aimirucha)

Color information for 藍海松茶(あいみるちゃ Aimirucha)

Image 藍海松茶(あいみるちゃ Aimirucha)
HEX #5C5D31
RGB R:92 G:93 B:49
RGB percentage R:36.1% G:36.5% B:19.2%
HSV H:61.4 S:47.3 V:36.5
HSL H:61.4 S:31.0 L:27.8
CMY C:63.9 M:63.5 Y:80.8
CMYK C:1.1 M:0.0 Y:47.3 K:63.5
YCbCr Y:91.3 Cb:108.8 Cr:130.7
XYZ X:8.9 Y:10.3 Z:4.4
xyY x:0.376 y:0.437 Y:10.3
CIE Lab L*:38.4 a*:-7.7 b*:25.0
CIE LCh L*:38.4 C*:26.2 h:107.0
CIE Luv L*:38.4 u*:1.4 v*:28.2
Hunter Lab L:32.1 a:-6.9 b:14.3

List of colors by saturation of 藍海松茶(あいみるちゃ Aimirucha)

List of colors by brightness of 藍海松茶(あいみるちゃ Aimirucha)