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暗緑色(あんりょくしょく Anryokushoku)

Color information for 暗緑色(あんりょくしょく Anryokushoku)

Image 暗緑色(あんりょくしょく Anryokushoku)
HEX #005133
RGB R:0 G:81 B:51
RGB percentage R:0.0% G:31.8% B:20.0%
HSV H:157.8 S:100.0 V:31.8
HSL H:157.8 S:100.0 L:15.9
CMY C:100.0 M:68.2 Y:80.0
CMYK C:100.0 M:0.0 Y:37.0 K:68.2
YCbCr Y:61.8 Cb:126.8 Cr:94.6
XYZ X:3.5 Y:6.1 Z:4.1
xyY x:0.257 y:0.444 Y:6.1
CIE Lab L*:29.7 a*:-30.1 b*:11.6
CIE LCh L*:29.7 C*:32.3 h:158.9
CIE Luv L*:55.3 u*:-47.9 v*:31.0
Hunter Lab L:24.7 a:-17.8 b:7.4

List of colors by saturation of 暗緑色(あんりょくしょく Anryokushoku)

List of colors by brightness of 暗緑色(あんりょくしょく Anryokushoku)